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Yotsuba! Yotsuba Face Life Action Figure

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Revoltech Yotsuba! Yotsuba Face Life Action Figure : Revoltech Yotsuba blockbuster re-produced in the [BOX re makeup] renewal package. - A box of latest design to Revoltech usually reform package size (215mm ? 215mm ? 65mm). - And [Yotsuba popular comic! The Revoltech hero of] the [Yotsuba]. - To be three-dimensional image of the comic as it is, the character of deformed cartoonish Was successful. - Built-in six revolver, 18 places whole body moving around it. - By adopting the soft material] in a T-shirt, up and representation width of the movable. - Comics like, please enjoy a four leaves to move around happily. - As a bonus part, smile smile replacement parts, replacement wrist (Per (left and right)), (Flat hand (left and right)), outing bag, hat increased exchange wrist. - Optional parts water gun and angry face of the original, ice bar, a special base is also included, I served in various poses full of energy. - Special base with which to decorate make a figure.


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