Phat! Ninja Slayer Dark Ninja (Anime Version) Figma Action Figure

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From PHAT. From the anime series Ninja Slayer: From Animation comes a figma of Ninja Slayer's arch-enemy: the merciless Dark Ninja! A flexible plastic is used for important areas, allowing proportions to be kept without compromising possibility. Hand parts to recreate his aisatsu, karate and various other poses are included as well as two alternate head parts: with his mask removed, revealing him as Fujio Katakura and a battle damaged version. His trademark weapon the enchanted sword 'Beppin' can be displayed both drawn and sheathed and comes with a piece to recreate the scene after Ninja Slayer broke off the blade. Optional parts include a kunai dart as well as thawing effect parts for the kunai, as well as a mobile IRC device.