Chalice Collectible Exclusive: Vegeta Powering UP - 2 Bundle - [barcode] - Dragons Trading
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Chalice Collectible Exclusive: Vegeta Powering UP - 2 Bundle

$ 54.99
  • Barcode: 889698438155c

Limit 1 per order.

Please Note: Final images coming soon. Images and designs subject to change without notice. Arrival date may change depending on availability from the distributor and/or Funko.

Guarantees 1 common pop and 1 chase exclusive pop. All pops will come with Exclusive sticker and all chase will come with chase sticker.

All pops will undergo visual inspection and we will do our best to remove all damaged items from shipments.

Unfortunately, some items may have minor paint and packaging imperfections. Funko does not consider these as defects, therefore they cannot be returned due to these imperfections.

For extra protection, pops will be sealed in a custom sized inner box, before placing in an outer box for shipping.

Chases will come with soft plastic pop protector as well. If necessary, please purchase additional pop protectors for the commons.

We do NOT guarantee against damages to packaging during shipping. You will have to file a claim with the USPS for all shipping damages.


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