Marvel Universe: Variant Play Arts Kai Thor Action Figure


$ 139.99 


From Square Enix. The Mighty Thor Odinson, heir to the King of the Gods, is descended to the human worl of Midgard! In his Variatn Play Arts Kai series, his godly aspect has been captured in every detail of his physique. The contours of his ornamental armor are accentuated by careful painwork. Each detail of his costume stands out from the next fro an artistic finish to this figure. Mjolnir, a mighty hammer that can only be held by one worthy of the power of Thor, has been exaggerated in its size to convey the sense of power imbued in this iconic Asgardian weapon. Whether calling down a bolt of lightning or pulverizing his enemies with a swing of his hammer, this mighty god of thunder can be dynamically posed by combining the wide range of included accessories. This figure also includes an accessory with an alternate facial expression of rage to reflect his brash personality, plus a display stand.

  • A Square Enix import
  • Careful paintwork captures his ornamental armor
  • Accessories include huge Mjolnir hammer
  • Alternate hands and facial expression
  • Display stand included