Square Enix Gears Of War: Marcus Fenix Play Arts Kai Action Figure

Square Enix

$ 149.99 

From Square Enix. Taking place on the planet Sera, Gears of War is an epic story depicting the fight for the fate of humanity. Now the protagonist, Marcus Fenix, joins the fray as a Play Arts Kai action figure! Marcus' unique, brawny physique has been accurately sculpted and his joints have a wide range of motion which allows the collector a great deal of freedom in posing and reenacting iconic in-game action poses. The paintwork on his armor exhibits a worn patina and weathering, giving the viewer an image of the brutality of the battles in which he has fought. Marcus comes with the Lancer MK2 Assault Rifle, display stand and interchangeable hand part, completing this package to bring this hero's legend to life.