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Revoltech: Danboard Figure : Blockbuster [Revoltech Danboard] is re-produced in the [BOX re makeup] renewal package. - A box of latest design to Revoltech usually reform package size (215mm ? 215mm ? 65mm). - I movable! Eye shines! Head of Miura-chan also attached! - The imposing Revoltech costume of cardboard that has emerged as a tool of summer vacation [Danbo]. - The size is the same as [Revoltech Yotsuba], fun also doubled if play together side by side. - As well as comics, eyes will light up when I put the switch on the head. - Head of [Miura] also included as replacement parts further. - The modeling in the cozy looseness, the body of cardboard ecology. - Texture of cardboard, also reproduced in the paint more than necessary. - Poured in vain a variety of technology to simple structure, it is Revoltech unique. - Special base with which to decorate make a figure.