Final Fantasy VII: Sephiroth Play Arts Kai Action Figure

Final Fantasy

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To the transparent silver hair reproduced by the clear parts, the eyes that took a magical power which was expressed with precise painting.
The cellar of 'Genova', the appearance of overwhelming strength Sephiroth revives in front of you.
Form expressing how clothes and hair snore in the fighting place flows together with a slender but rugged body line creates an awkward atmosphere trying to destroy the star in the forbidden magic meteor.
Specifications sticking to one piece wing and Masamune becoming accessories as well as painting of details.
The quality as if it forms a pair with the cloud is full of the charm of attracting what you see to the world of the work

Accessories Includes:

  • Wings

  • Sword

  • Replacement Hand x 4

  • Figure Stand

Specifications: PVC painted PVC action figure
Size: about W156mm × D110mm × H285mm weight: 590g