Comic Aun Matsuri Tougetsu Ver.2 Pure White Edition illustration by Kurehito Misaki 1/6 Complete Figure (18+)

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Sculptor: HIRO

Here comes a figure of "Matsuri Tougetsu" Ver.2 in a pure white Chinese dress which is illustrated by Kurehito Misaki for "Comic Aun" cover page illustration! The beauty in the original illustration is sculpted in a brand new color. Matsuri is leaning on a chair with a soft smile. Her attractive appearance such as her long and smooth hair and her body shape that is full of charm, are recreated faithfully. The figure comes with 2 types of accessory items. Besides the figure itself has top and bottom alternative body parts, and an "embarrassed" face part to enjoy. Be sure to add this Matsuri to your figures collection! *Please cast-off at your own risk. Parts may be damaged during removal. *Please only remove parts at your own risk.

Adult 18+ Figure
Cast off parts
Manufacturer: SkyTube
Scale: 1/6
Material: PVC
Producer: Hiro
Original: Comic A-Un