Attack on Titan: Mikasa Ackerman Action Figure

Attack on Titan

$ 54.99 


Mikasa Ackerman is considered the best soldier within the 104th Training Corps, although her parents were murdered, she was adopted by another family and introduced to her step-brother, Eren. After living with her new family, their town was destroyed by a Titan, killing Eren's parents. Eren decided to join the military where Mikasa followed suit and began her path becoming one of the best soldiers. This figure created by Figma was designed with her military outfit, detachable cloak and weaponry. Also features;


  • Three Expressions (Standard Emotionless, Shouting Expression, Clenched Teeth Expression)
  • Dual Blades
  • Vertical Maneuvering Equipment
  • Smoke Effects
  • Hooks connected to Wires
  • Figma Display Stand


  • Painted ABS & PVC non-scale
  • Approximately 145mm Tall